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Only 2 days left before FITUR 2015

Only 2 days left before FITUR 2015

In only 2 days Saint Petersburg Committee for Tourism Development will take part at the international tourist exhibition FITUR 2015 (Madrid, Spain, 28 January – 1 February).

In 2014 Saint Petersburg was named one of the best destinations for tourism in the world. It was listed 16th in TOP-25 together with such famous historical and cultural center as Prague, Paris, Barcelona and London.

There are not many places in the world with so many landmarks, museums, monuments, palaces, theatres. Historic Centre of Saint Petersburg is included to the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage just as Rome, Paris and Venice. The city is called the Northern Venice because it is situated on 42 islands made by rivers and channels. There are about 580 bridges in the city, 20 of them are drawbridges.

Friendly and responsive citizens of Saint Petersburg can be considered as one more remarkable sight of the city. Thanks to them atmosphere of the city is warm and native for every tourist.

Amazing city has always meant a lot for Russia. This is a beautiful city with developed infrastructure. It is a cultural capital of the country and thus it attracts thousands of tourists not only from Russia but from across the world. Bright and active life is always in full swing in the city.

Saint Petersburg Committee for Tourism Development invites exhibitors and visitors of the exhibition to visit stand 4C07.